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The inscriptions on the bells are detailed below. There was some question over the inscription on the 3rd and for a while it was presumed that the inscription to the USS Pittsburgh on the reverse of the 3rd bell was there in error. However, diligent research by J Martin Rushton, a former member of the band, revealed the link between the bell and the USS Pittsburgh. More details of this can be found in the section The Gillett 10.

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The Bells at the Foundry, 1921. The notice reads:-

The old ring of 8 bells recast
with 2 new treble bells
weight of tenor 30cwts 0qrs 12lbs
Gillett and Johnston
Bell Founders & Clockmakers
April 1921

The Inscriptions on the Bells

1&2 To the Glory of God and in proud memory of our dear son 2nd Lieut. George White Willis RAF, who was killed in France on 4 January, 1919.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
we will remember them.
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness to the end,
to the end they remain. 
3  In remembrance of S. Reynolds Hole, Dean, died 27 August, 1904. T.H.F.                   
USS Pittsburgh
In Memory of
4 T. H. Foord gave me. 1904.
 (recast in memory of Frederick Wade Hobson d.25 May 1903,
and of Eliza Keyworth Hobson his only daughter, died 15 September, 1914). 
5 In remembrance of W. W. F., died 10 September, 1881. T.H.F.
(Recast as a gift from the Cathedral Ringers). 
6 In remembrance of M. F., died 1 July 1896. T.H.F.
(Recast in memory of Harold Albert Brand and Charles Walter Edward,
Cathedral choristers, who fell in the Great War 1914-18.) 
7 In remembrance of E. S. W., died 6 September 1896. T.H.F.
(Recast in memory of Bertram Luard-Selby, Cathedral organist and choirmaster.
Died St. Stephen's Day 1918. Laudo Deum Verum, Plebum voco, congrego clerum).
(I praise the true God, I call the people, I assemble the clergy).
8 Vidua et Socii me refecerunt. In memoriam Ernaldi Lane DD.
Hujusce Aedis Decani. Obit 16 January, 1913. Adeste Fideles.                   
(His widow and friends made me. In memory of Ernald Lane, D.D.,
Dean of this Cathedral, died 16 January 1913, O come all ye faithful.)
9 Olim Thalebot nunc Talbot vocor, In die S. Andrae MCLIV. T.H.F. restauravit.
(Recast in memory of Samuel Cheetham, DD,
Archdeacon and Canon of Rochester, died 19 July 1908.)                  
(I was once called Thalebot, now Talbot. On St Andrews Day. 1154. T.H.F. restored me.)
10  I was recast in memory of Francis Edmund Storrs, R.N.V.R., Son of the Dean,
died 10 November, 1918, eve of the Armistice.
(Death is swallowed up in victory. I. Corinthians 15, 54.)

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